Monday, 9 January 2012


A dying man, surrounded by doctors and family, dictating his will
(Justiniani in Fortiatum, Madrid)

Google books provides useful access to a will made by Baldwin Cocksedge in English Historical Documents 1327-1485 by A. R. Myers. 

In the will Baldwin makes provision for this wife after his death.

The document begins like this:

"This is my last will.  That I Baldewyn Coksedge of Felsham, gentleman, being in whole mind and good memory at Felsham aforesaid, the 5th day of the month of July the year of Our Lord 1469, do take and own my testament before made... And I will that Denise my wife to have 20s for her dower and my place called 'Upwode Hall', otherwise 'Coksedgys', in Felsham during her lifetime..."

Read my review ‘Wills from the Register ‘Baldwyne’, Part II: 1461 – 1474’ Edited by Peter Northeast and Heather Falvey here

Where was Coksedgys?  Could it have been on the site of one of the two medieval manors known to exist in Felsham? At Felsham Hall Farm or Brook Hall farm?  A charity document of 1460 describing the FEOFFMENT of a croft and appurtenances called le Cherchecroft states:
"... between lands late of Walter Skarp on both sides, one head abutting Felsham churchyard, and the other a meadow of Baldwin Coksegge, with the hedges on both sides ..." 

This suggests that Baldwin Cocksedge owned the meadow adjoining the southern boundary of the Felsham Charity Lands.

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